Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Master Lowdown

   I owe you a patio update and it's coming soon.  The weather here has been really iffy - rainy and chilly - so conditions weren't optimal for a photoshoot.  Should be good going tomorrow (my day off work) so I will snap some shots for you.

  In the meantime, I wanted to chat a little about our master bedroom.  This room has historically been the most pathetic in the house.  We've lived with ugly paint, cracked ceilings, no headboard and mismatched bedding for several years.  I don't think our room has been *finished* since our first starter home 10 years ago.   You can read about this saga here, and here.

    The truth is, we have never finished this room.  It is last on our list and always neglected. 

   People, we deserve a nice room.  One that's pulled together with pretty pillows, trimmed out curtains and lovely lamps.  I have so many inspiration images pinned to my Master Bedroom Redesign board, and have changed ideas so many times that I just can't figure out which way is up! 
One of the first fabrics that Jay and I agreed on for this space was the Thomas Paul Dahlia fabric in Slate. I like the drama of this colour way and it works with our existing bedding. 


Imagine my surprise when I stopped into Homesense (the Canadian Version of Homegoods) and spotted a bunch of Thomas Paul pillows!  It wasn't just Dahlia either.  There was also  Aviary Robin in a few colours! 

 This is what I came home with:

It's not the original colour that I was thinking of, but it works well with our bedding and I'm happy with it.  Also worth noting: the disgusting baby-poo brown shiny walls and hand-me-down curtains from Elliott's old room that don't fit the windows.  

I have grand plans to use the new pillow fabric as my jumping off point for the rest of the room.  I'm thinking some charcoal grey, creamy linen curtains... oh, and maybe even a headboard.

I've got my work cut out for me, huh?

xo Meg


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