Monday, July 8, 2013

The Great Laminate Debate!

Last week, I share the progress we have been making in Elliott's new bedroom. I had just completed painting the cement floors in both his room, and the family room. I was digging the rich, charcoal-brown colour that we chose but there was a hitch.

Dude. Concrete is hard. And cold.

So we decided to go ahead and buy the laminate flooring we planned on using down the line in the basement. Simply put, I want to enjoy this space. My family needs this space. We are so cramped in our little ranch. And we knew that if our family room and Elliott's room felt cold and uncomfortable come the middle of winter, there would be no way we would ever enjoy being down there.

Here is what we chose:

And we are so, so happy with the decision. It does mean that we will have to save up a bit longer to finish the laundry room and bath down there, but in my eyes, it was the right decision. I only wish I hadn't spent so stinkin' much time cleaning those hard floors up and painting them!

Additionally, we've narrowed the lighting fixture for Elliott's room down to these two, both from Barn Light Electric.

I'm taking votes!

Xo Meg


  1. I love the red one. And the floors look great!!!

  2. The red one is awesome! Floors look great too:)

  3. Love the floors!

    I like both lights - the red is great, but I also like that the galvanized grey one is so versatile (it will work with any color scheme!)... ultimately, both lights are great choices!

  4. I think the floors look great. Either light would work great, but I think I like number 2 best. Shocking I know, I didn't choose the colored one. :)