Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Welcome Change for 2012

Changes make us nervous and excited.  The flipping of a calendar page has made me feel full of anticipation and excitement to finally get it right this year.  I'm not one to make resolutions, or rather, I'm not one to keep them.  But I always spend the first week in a new year contemplating my life and thinking on what I want it to look like.

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But first, I have to count our blessings this year.  We are all healthy right now. I am married to the best and most amazing person that I know.  Our kids are smart and continue to shine at what they do.  We have friends and family that we love, who love us back and continue to keep our hearts full.  I am grateful for these things.  Sometimes through the last year, they have saved me.

Everyone has struggles.  Not everyone is public about them and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I have struggles that you don't know about.  We are working on putting those struggles into perspective in a life that is so rich with good.  We are working on making changes in our life to keep it simple.  To focus on what is really important to us as a couple and us as a family.

As we tinker around this old house, I am learning about myself.  I'm learning about being satisfied with what is here and now.  I am learning about not comparing myself to others and what they have. That's something I will continue to strive for in 2012.

Yep, I've got plans and ideas and dreams an goals for 2012.

My blog has given me so much this last half a year.  New friendships, inspiration, a place to record our journey.  I plan to keep working on that.  I'm going to BlogPodium, my first blogging event, and I'm so excited about the things I will learn there.  And the people I will connect with.  Anyone else going?

xo Meg

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