Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Love and a Progress Update

   I'd love it if today was a big reveal post about my backyard disaster.  Alas, we are nowhere near done back there.  Really doesn't even seem like we've started.  The weather hasn't been co-operating for outdoor work so I've busied myself with some trim and paint touch-ups inside.  You know, when I'm not working, shuttling kids to sports or doing the dishes.

It's actually making a HUGE difference, these trim repairs.  Here's an example:

before- nasty, huh?

after- much better!

I frankly don't have any idea how we've lived that way for the last year.  Just saying.

In other news, I have been awarded the Liebster award by Elizabeth, one of my favorite bloggers.  The Liebster is given to a blog on the rise.  I guess that's me.  I might be blushing.

Also, I adore Elizabeth.  I think we'd be friends in real life too.  She's funny and I always love funny people.  She just busted out this killer re-upholstery job today.  You should go check it out at her blog The Little Black Door.

The Liebster needs to be passed along - like those crazy chain letters from middle school.  I think it's meant for up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, so these are some of my newer faves:

reckless glamour

little orphan aggie

house pretty up

this dusty house

So, now these lovely bloggers have to pass the Liebster along.  Go check them out too. You won't be disappointed.

xo Meg


  1. Your trim looks fabulous! I need to get the motivation to do that in my house. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are a trim master I think Meg! Looks fab!! And you are totally right btw, we'd totally be friends if we were in the same town - until then though cyber-friends for sure. :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendations!