Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Style

It's not a secret that I love the fall.  Who doesn't?  The crisp air, the changing of the leaves, the kids going back to school, the boots...

I could go on.

I've been working on a little fall style makeover this year.  I will admit that I'm not always the most polished or fashionable woman.  I like classic style but am also always really, really busy.  So, I often wear lululemon pants and sweatshirts on the days that I don't go to work.

I am, in fact, wearing that exact outfit right now.  But I have been working to improve my overall appearance lately.  My favourite fall purchase being my leopard print flats.

Here are a couple of outfit images that are inspiring me this fall:


I love the bright yellow and the printed scarf.  This outfit is really me.  Once someone called me 'the queen of cardigans'.  If the shoe fits... Oh yeah, I also have those flats.

I love brown riding boots.  And I think the black and brown combo is pretty sophisticated.  The skinny jeans are a bit of a stretch for me (no pun intended) but I've purchased a pair from Joe Fresh that are black cords and I love them as long as I'm wearing a longer top.

I am definitely a basics girl.  But I love a funky accessory!  Leopard flats and an orange bag?  I'm in!

What are you wearing this fall?



  1. You are a purse queen. You pick out the good stuff sister!

  2. Love these outfits! Very chic. I need to update my Fall clothing too...I get stuck in a rut and going clothes shopping always seems like a big time waster to me.

  3. I could wear any of these outfits and like you, rely heavily on my cardigans. But the animal print flats (I have zebra I think?) make anything look chic!