Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Ok people, let's talk progress.  I can only talk progress because nothing is anywhere near an 'after' shot yet.  We are in process, but some of the changes have already made a huge difference to me.  

Take for instance, this boob light that hung over my dining room table.  

Why a boob light over a dining room table??? 

I have no idea.

     This is the light I grabbed on sale at Wisteria.  The scale is really great for the small dining room and it has a really pretty patina that you can't really see in these iphone shots.  In the above photo, you will also see a white paint sample painted next to the window.  I can't wait to paint out the entire room in BM White Dove, my all time fave white.  

     Next up, the front window.  This one is really hard to photograph, since it is a 10 foot window with tons of sunlight streaming in.  There were *fugly* vertical blinds hung here.  These blinds were a serious kind of gross:  dirty, greasy, dusty and disgusting.  

If you recall, I have some beautifully sewn, amazing curtains that I was planning to use here.  I knew they weren't wide enough for the 10 foot window, but I was hoping to add a plain white linen curtain panel to each side to fill it out and cover the window.

I tried it and it looked terrible.  

You know, like I cheaped out on the curtains.  Not the look I was going for.  So I had to revise my plan. I'm going to find a new home for the patterned curtains that I love so much and just use white linen panels in the living room.  This also frees us up to use a new colour palate in there as the fabric was pretty bossy.  

So, I'm left with a single white panel on each side of the large window.  It doesn't have the fullness that I'm looking for, and isn't even hemmed yet, but it offers some privacy until I can add two more panels.

Basement work is also progressing.  Elliott's room and the family room are framed, insulated and vapor barrier has been installed.  Next up:  drywall.   My hubby rocks.

xo Meg


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