Thursday, February 21, 2013

While We're Discussing Green Things...

Oh my word.  I made these zucchini sticks last night for dinner.  I could have eaten the whole batch myself but my family apparently loved them too so I had to share.

Seriously, make them tonight.  They are unbelievably delicious.  And healthy.  And almost unrecognizable as a veggie to my kids.  Just make them ... and their onion dip too.

Note:  I did substitute greek yogurt for 3/4 of the mayo in the dip to make it a little lighter.  It was great.

I'm still working on hanging up the artwork in my dining room.  I should have guessed it wouldn't be quick and painless.  I'm hoping I can show you some photos tomorrow.


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  1. I just pinned this. It looks SO good. Bonus that it is healthy too!