Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Curb Appeal

   The weather is warming up around here, which makes me think about the curb appeal of our ranch.  Frankly, it's not so pretty.  It's a simple, boxy brick ranch with little architectural detailing.  Basically a greyish-beige rectangle. 
   The brick is pretty unremarkable so we've decided to paint it a medium grey.  I haven't narrowed down the paint colours yet, since it's not warm enough to paint a zillion samples on the side of the house.  Fascia, soffits, windows and trim will all be white.  And the front door will be black, I think. 

This design board shows you what we're thinking about.  The architecture of this home is considerably more modern than any we've lived in before so we will be going with clean lines and classic finishes.  I really would love to use antique brass finishes but I just can't see them working.  White metal is the way to go here.

Here are a couple colour inspiration pictures from my Ranch Home Inspiration pinboard.

Also, to add architectural detail to an otherwise boring box, We'll be adding a nice overhang above the garage and some shutters to the front.

What do you think about our curb appeal plans?

xo Meg