Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spruce Up

I made a couple of changes to my little blog.  I really love designing logos.  I could putter around in photoshop for hours.  In fact, I do putter around in photoshop for hours.

Hope you like it.

xo Meg

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Ok, I'm a sucker for these blogger 'tag' games.  I'll admit it.  I love to read bloggers' answers to these crazy questions - it feels like a little glimpse into their lives.  I was tagged by Elizabeth, over at The Little Black Door.  I'm a big fan of Elizabeth, and her fearless use of colour, so I'm really pleased to answer her questions!

How fun is Elizabeth's Dining Room?

Back to tag, here are the rules:
  1.  You must post the rules.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has posted for you and then create 11 new questions to ask the    people you've tagged.
  3.  Tag 11 people and link them in your post.
  4. Let them know you've tagged them.

Here are Elizabeth's questions:

What room in your house would you change if you had an unlimited budget?
That's easy.  KITCHEN. I would gut the whole deal and freshen everything up with custom white cabinetry, marble counters and open shelving with antique corbels.  There would be a big island for my kids to eat cereal at and industrial lighting.  

What is your decorating trend prediction for 2012?
I guess I'm predicting a return of colour - are you seeing all the neon everywhere?  I'm not really subscribing to this trend except in very restrained doses.

If someone were to show up at your house right now, would it be presentable? (i.e. -clean)
That's funny, my house is actually perfectly clean right now.  That's only because it's for sale and we had an open house on Sunday afternoon.  I'm a little crazy during this process about keeping things tidy.  You would normally find a very lived in looking house.  Two kids and a golden retriever make a lot of mess.

What was your favorite blog post?
This would be the post where I over-shared all about the struggling we're doing right now.  The reason I loved it so much is that there were so many comments from kind blogging friends who made me feel like a million bucks.  It is amazing what the kindness of strangers can do.  It's not a post about design but it's my favorite anyway.

Music or Movies?
As if I could pick!!!!  I guess music.  No... movies.  I rented a good one last night:  Crazy Stupid Love.  I enjoyed it (and not just for the Ryan Gosling, although he is pretty easy on the eyes).

If you had your own show on HGTV, what would it be called?
Uh.... Disaster DIY?  Unfinished Decor??  The Shoemaker's Children Who Have No Shoes??  That's cause we own a renovation company but live in a very un-renovated home. 

What is your favorite low budget project?
I'm not sure which one I like the most but I know it involves a can of paint.  Either on the walls, furniture or even a canvas, paint is the ultimate low budget decorating too. Just paint it out and you have a whole new look!

What was your first decorating disaster?
I really wish I had a picture of this one.  In the first apartment my husband and I had together, I stenciled a moss green checkerboard with red apples in the squares onto the kitchen cabinets.  I have no idea what look I was going for, or why I ever thought it would look good.  But I did it.  I hereby formally apologize to our landlord from 1996. 

What was your first decorating success?

My first decorating success was the little starter home that my husband and I fell in love with.  The whole house was my first real attempt at decorating.  We both really put everything we had into that little house.  You can read about it here.

What is the one design related task you hate doing?
I hate sanding drywall mud.  Makes me cringe like fingernails on a chalkboard.  

What is your favorite cocktail?
Vodka Tonic.  Tall Glass. Two limes.  Really, just like that.  

That was fun!  Maybe you learned something new about me.  Below you will find the list of bloggers I'm dying to know more about, and my list of questions!  

Shannon at 8 foot 6
Amelia at House Pretty Up
Cathy from Room Rx
Miranda at ROOST

  1. What is the best thing about blogging?
  2. What is the best thing you cook?
  3. What project are you working on in your home right now?
  4. Which room in your house reflects your style the most?
  5. What makes your house a home?
  6. What is your favorite fabric?
  7. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  8. What was your childhood nickname?
  9. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  10. What is your favorite season?
  11. How much time in a day do you devote to blogging?

xo Meg

Monday, February 27, 2012

Master Bedroom Retreat

A while back, I posted this mood board that I made for our master bedroom.  Since we didn't get to working on the master at this house, I'm hoping to adapt this plan for the new one.  I am looking so forward to having a master retreat and I really want it to be a place we can enjoy.

I still love the Gazebo Fabric in Cloud from Tonic Living. I am  wondering about using it to make a long bolster pillow for the front.  I prefer my bed to be simple, and I really love the RH Antique Belgian Linen that we already have.  A bolster at the front of all the pillows will make it tailored and simple to make.

Here are a couple of other Tonic Living Fabrics that I also like:

Flat Iron in Gray
Will I ever get sick of chevron?

Ikat Dot in Grey

Samoan Plantation

Secret Gates in Silver

Here's the feeling I'm after in there:

Alice Lane

Kerrisdale Design

You can check these rooms, and some others out on my Pinterest Bedrooms board.

xo Meg

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cheery Family Room

We've been thinking hard about what we want our new nest to look like and I've been working on some inspiration boards for different rooms.  I'm looking for a slightly beachy, casual feel that we can really relax into.  Somewhere to put our feet up!

  I am pulling this room together with mainly things we already have but a few things we will need to purchase.  These items include art, fabrics and a carpet.  Take a look at my inspiration board:

The elements we already own include:
the couch
the cow hide rug
the striped pillows (2)
the orange pillows(2)

We will need:
The Soho Dhurri from Shades of Light (love, love, love this pattern)
Zigzag fabric from Premier Prints
Creamy drapery panels, most likely these from Ikea
Woven Blinds
New Lamps - I like these from PB but I am looking for a budget version
Artwork - you can see these choices and their sources on my art i love pinboard
Two Chairs will also be added down the road (hopefully a white slipped version to lighten things up)
Wall Colour:  BM Cloud White

Ikea Ektorp Jennylund Chair: $229.  You can't really beat that price point and I like the scale .
I would add a chevron pillow to each chair.

One more inspiration room:


What do you think?

xo Meg

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I live my life in wardrobe basics.  I'm happy this way.  

A while ago, I completed Project 333, where you pick thirty-three wardrobe items to mix and match and combine for three months.  You choose items that fit well, are well made and that you feel good in and box up the rest of your stuff.  It was incredibly freeing.  

I used to pull out seventeen outfits and try them all on before going out for and evening, say.  Then I'd leave the house and feel completely uncomfortable in the outfit I'd chosen.  Now, I feel confident in everything I pull out of my closet.  Also, since there are so few clothes, I am able to see everything in there.  

I'm working on putting together my spring 33 at this point.  These are some of the pieces I have in the mix:

One of my goals is to add more colour this time.  I do get bored with wearing brown and grey all the time.  But that is always what I gravitate toward when I'm shopping.

I found a few boards on Pinterest and they are inspiring me with my wardrobe right now.  

Lots of basic neutrals with a pop of colour and cool accessories for interest.  What do you think?

xo Meg

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Designer Inspiration

     Lately, I've been looking for some inspiration for our new home.  I made up a new home inspiration pinboard on Pinterest if you'd like to see some of what I've come up with.  Since the homes we're looking for are so different from our current home, I'm thinking of freshening up and making a few changes.

   I first came across Jute Interior Design when I was working on Elliott's Room.  I had this image filed away for inspiration:

Here are a few other Jute Home images:  

This is their Studio.  I love the rough beams, lighting, and metal chairs.

Really?  Can I come over for a playdate? 

I love chalkboard paint on a grand scale.  Speaking of scale... those mirrors!  That light!

Beautiful, natural and spare.

   I also recently read a post over at The Yellow Cape Cod that really puts into words the way I feel about decorating with colour.  Sarah writes about this here

    When we were working on Audrey's room, I kept wanting to add brown, natural elements.  I think I wanted the space to feel more sophisticated.  I love this mood board Sarah made for her client:

 Sometime soon, I'm hoping to incorporate more colour into our grey and taupe world.  

xo Meg

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving On

    It was such a busy weekend around here.  Showings, open houses, and a whole lot of sports.  We had 6 hours of gymnastics, hockey games and practices and soccer tryouts. Turns out the boys on Elliott's hockey team are the city champs!  I'm such a hockey mom.

     In between sporting events, we dragged our children enjoyed some family time together looking for our new home.   I believe we have it narrowed down to two houses.  Both of them have a pool.  One is an above ground and the other is a concrete pool has been filled in with dirt.  I suppose neither scenario is ideal...

The houses we have been looking at look mainly like this:

     They are side splits and back splits.  Some are prettier than others.  All of them need a bunch of work done but that's what we're looking for.  

        None of them have the kind of architecture we are used to.  None of them have foot deep baseboards and leaded glass windows.  But they are all well thought out spaces.  They have nice floor plans and 4 bedrooms, finished basements with good ceiling heights.  They are all certainly enough space for us.

  We are seeing the last one this evening and then we'll make our decision.  I keep reminding myself about how the shell of the house doesn't matter.  How our family is really what makes a place home.  I think I almost have myself convinced.  Through all of it this weekend, I was feeling optimistic, even a little excited about these new spaces.  

I'm preparing myself for moving on. 

xo Meg

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooklyn Reno

Here's a little eye candy for your Thursday morning.  This home is a Brooklyn row house that was renovated by CWB Architects.  It's is beautifully created with a young, hip vibe.  I especially love the lighting used in the living room and stairwell.   Enjoy!

xo Meg

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stairwell Hallway: Before & After

Just so you know, I did actually finish my hallway before we listed the house.  If you remember, it looked something like this:

Well, a few precarious days up a very high ladder and couple of coats of BM Sandy Hook Grey later,  it looks like this:

Much better.  And I love the colour.  It's the perfect grey-brown.  

xo Meg

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Designer Crush: C Designs

I stumbled upon the work of C Designs on Pinterest, and i just love the unfussy aesthetic.  Check out this amazing renovation:

Simple, classic design.  Pops of colour.  Industrial Lighting.  

I just love it!

xo Meg