Monday, November 17, 2014

RugPad USA and my Living Room Rug

A while ago, we bought this rug from Rugs USA.  I love the graphic punch the rug gives in the room. The grey colour is a perfect neutral for us.  The purchase of this rug has actually sparked a little Living Room makeover action too, but I'll get into that another time.  There's just one problem with the rug.  

It's constantly messed up. It wrinkles and bunches and rolls on our hardwood floors.  I don't really think this is the fault of the rug.  I didn't buy a non-slip rug pad to go under the rug, so it's really my own fault.  Plus I have a dog, cat and two kids who move at break-neck speeds sometimes.  Honestly, it drives me nuts because it looks messy and I'm constantly straightening it.  Even more important that my obsessive rug straightening is the fact that somebody was going to get hurt slipping on it. 

As you can imagine, with hazards like these around my house, I was really excited when Rug Pad USA contacted me to offer a rug pad for me to review.  I had a look at the different kinds of rug pads that were offerred on their site.  The cool thing is that you can select your rug pad based on what kind of floor the pad will be going down on (hardwood), and what kind of rug you will be putting over-top of it (flat-woven wool).

I selected the Superior-Lock rug pad to go under my rug.  I was hoping for some softness and cushion, as well as the non-slip factor.  But I didn't want the edge of the rug to become a tripping hazard because the pad was too lofty.  The Superior-Lock pad seemed like the right choice for our hardwood floor and flat-weave rug. 

Here is the rug pad I ordered:


It has a rubber backing that grips on the floor and a felt top that is really soft under foot.  I can't get over the difference in coziness with the extra 3/4 inch of padding. It's so much softer!

Here's the rug with the pad underneath:

They even cut the pad to size, an inch smaller than the actual rug size so that the edges would lay flat... which they do. Please avert your eyes from the world's ugliest fireplace.   It also recently got a makeover that makes my rug pad look even better :)

You guys, it is crazy how flat the rug stays now that the pad is under it!  I had no idea that a rug pad would make this much difference in here!  Even my tornado of a golden retreiver doesn't wrinkle it up when he's rolling around on there.  Also, he approves of the soft, cushiony part too. 

Just so you know, RugPadUSA did send me this rug to review, but this is really what I think about the pad they gave me.  I love it.  I plan on ordering a couple more rug pads from them for some other rugs in our house that have the same problem. 

I'll be posting a couple before and afters of this room over the next week or so.