Monday, October 27, 2014

Before & After :Curb Appeal Part 2

Here are a few additional pictures of the work we have completed on our home's curb appeal.  

Originally, we planned to paint the exterior in BM's Chelsey Grey.  This has long been a favorite grey of mine, and I thought the home would look good with a darker exterior.  Once I got the samples up, the grey didn't seem to be right.  In the end, we decided to reverse the plan and use the grey as accent.  You can see the original scheme below.

Before and After

Changing the main colour of the house meant that I wanted to add some personality to the front door. When we first painted it the soft blue-green (BM Wyeth Blue), I thought it didn't have enough presence.  It has grown on me though, and I'll likely leave it this colour for a while.  I like how the grey coping makes the front door stand out more.

We have also had plans drawn up to add a porch structure to the front of the house.  The porch will be a little larger than the existing one, and it will also have a roof so I don't have to stand in the rain with groceries while I get out my keys.  The porch project is on hold while we finalize plans for the rear addition to our home.  We don't have an unlimited budget so we're working on these projects in phases.  Currently, I feel like the addition on the back of our home will have more impact on how we use it than the front porch addition. We will eventually get to doing the front porch, but the curb appeal has improved so dramatically that I don't feel the need to do it right away anymore.  

Here is a close up shot of our shutters, window boxes and soffits in their new handsome grey.

And here's a shot of the exterior from closer to the road.  Note the white garage door, which is also being replaced with a grey one.

And here's my photographer's assistant.  Love that dog.

Happy Monday!