Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does Your House Match Your Outfit?

Ever notice how the style of clothing you gravitate towards is similar to the style of your decor?  Lately, i've been spending a fair bit of time on Pinterest.  Perhaps more time than I should... And what I've noticed is that the 'My Style' Pins correspond to my 'For the Home' pins.

I really lean towards classic clothes that are simple, tailored and casual.  I like to invest in nice quality for certain items, like a great winter jacket or handbag, or even a pair of jeans.  But other items I buy on the cheap, say layering pieces like t-Shirts or tanks in fun colours.  But basically, my daily wardrobe consists of jeans, a tank or tee and a cardigan.  These boards from pinterest reflect my fashion style:

So, since I dress myself with neutral, casual, simple clothing, I should probably also surround myself with a neutral, casual, simple space.... right?

This approach makes sense to me.  I've often seen dressy, formal spaces in magazines that I love the look of but I just don't think I would be able to live with that for the long run.  I don't really buy in to trends, sticking with time honoured classics that I won't tire of quickly.  These spaces from Pinterest are classics:

But you will notice that these spaces aren't completely neutral.  There are pops of colour and pattern for interest.  Sort of  like my wardrobe.  Makes sense, right?


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