Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New House

    So, if you've followed me over at Duchess & Howard, you will know that my husband is a contractor with a renovation firm in London, Ontario.
  We've had a really busy year this year.  We have bought, worked on, and sold a flip house with our partners Aron and Tracey.  We did all the work ourselves and created an amazing home for someone else to live in.

Now it's my turn.

Our current home, in Wortley Village, is for sale:

   That's because we have bought a new house!  We are moving to a home I have dreamed of living in for a long time.  In fact, we tried to buy the house from the little old couple who currently live there three years ago but they weren't ready to sell.  Then, in December, a little sign went up in their window!  'House for Sale by Owner'!  I was so excited but I didn't think Jason would be on board.  He surprised me by being completely ready to jump.  Even though the house we live in now is great and it has almost enough room for everything we need.  Almost

So, why do I love my new house so much?  Here it is:

   There's an intangible quality there... that certain something.  It has great bones, high ceilings, leaded glass and beefy trim.  It's an older home also but has a decidedly different, unique architecture than any other home in the neighbourhood.  Most of the houses are in the style of our current house.  I guess there's a certain charm to that - to being unique.
  And... the inside is a total mess.  That means we get to plan and reno the home and create exactly what we want.  That's the part I'm most looking forward to.
  So for now, I'm working on the design of my new blog along with washing windows and vacuuming and dusting to get ready for our open houses this weekend.  Watch for the next post about the very first renovation we are doing!


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