Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Family Bath

So, just so you know the state of the house we are starting with, here is what the upstairs family bath looks like now.

It's pretty nasty.  The finishes are old and the layout is funky.  I'm working on getting the layout sorted out since it's so awkward but I decided to put together an inspiration board.

First of all, I'm obsessed with the Kohler Brockway sink.

 I. Must. Have. It.

I first saw it several years ago  in Style at Home Magazine.  I truly love this bathroom - it's so family friendly and casual.  Perfectly classic and something I'd never get sick of.

 Recently, I also saw the sink featured on this blog.  I recommend the house tour.  The home  is simple country: classic, elegant and slightly quirky.  I look that I love. I also really like the black painted bottom of the sink.  I'm not sure I could go as high colour as the teal turquoise above.

I'll post later about the bathroom layout - when I have some better before shots that really show how awkward it is.  For now, here's my inspiration board:

The tile is from Olympia Tile.  I'm doing the hex on the floor with a banded edge of black 1x1's.  The subway is for the walls and the area around the clawfoot tub.  I want it to have a rain shower head and circular curtain made of the Schumacher  fabric.  Coincidently, I'm also looking for a fabric with a similar feel in a more affordable price range (but boy, do I love that fabric!).
It will look something like this:

I wish I knew this source:  let me know if you can help

The Brockway is Kohler and the light is from Barn Light Electric.  I am still debating the black matte finish or something with colour.  I'm also still debating wall colour as I need to firm up the decision about the fabric first.
What do you think?


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