Monday, March 26, 2012

Catching Up

Seems like a lot of my blog friends are having trouble keeping up with things lately.  That's something I constantly struggle with.  And now that I'm back working, it's even more difficult to get to the things I want to do.  So, over the next couple weeks, I hope you'll stick with me while I work out the kinks in my crazy new schedule.

We had an offer on our house this weekend.  It didn't work out but it was exciting to get!  There have also been about a million showings here over the past 7 days.  Constant cleaning, tidying and running the dog out in time for people to come through.  I won't say that's been easy.  We've eaten our share of takeout and cheese and crackers this week.

I'm building a file on pinterest of things that inspire me for our new home (which we totally don't have yet).  Perhaps nothing inspires me more than this quote:

And I also love this DIY approach to creating a unique and beautiful stairway.  I'm thinking of the stairs heading down to the rec room here. Wouldn't this be so pretty?

And I'd love to drive up to this house and call it mine.  Such pride in ownership is evident in the beautifully tended garden and cheery front door.  I just love this little cottage!

Happy Monday!
xo Meg

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  1. Oooooh! I love this staircase!!! I might have to do this to our basement stairs.