Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farmhouse Fantastic (Part 2)

Here are a few more photos from April's farmhouse.  I am so smitten with this beautiful project and how personally everything is decorated.  It's my new inspiration home!

Beyond that amazing door is a perfect mudroom and bathroom:

This is the dining room:  I love the curtain fabric.

Even I would enjoy laundry here:

Little landing desk nook:

My absolute favourite little girl's nursery, belonging to April's daughter:

Ok, so  now you know I'm obsessed with this house.  I just really love when someone is able to put together something this polished and amazing, without the help of a designer.  It seems like every piece in the home has been carefully selected and is meaningful to the family who lives there. I'm so inspired!  Love.

xo Meg

Note:  All this hard work is April's so if you'd like to pin some of the photos here, you should go to her blog to pin them directly from there.  You can also read about how she has transformed the tired farmhouse into something beautiful.


  1. Wow. This house is amazing. That's the LAUNDRY ROOM??? Beautiful. I also love the frames in the nursery. Very cool idea!

  2. This whole house is just amazing! I'm swooning. And taking note of all the gorgeous and thoughtful details. I feel like it's the kind of post where you just have to keep going back to look again and again.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.

  3. I totally & completely agree with you Meg....the house is absolutely fantastic! April has done an amazing job decorating it with just the right touches! Perfection! Angie xo