Monday, April 29, 2013


1.  Reading

This book was Canada Reads selection this year and I love, love, loved it.  Heartbreaking and beautiful.

2.  Watching

My team is in. the. playoffs.  For the first time in nine long years.  So exciting!  So much fun!  

3.  Wearing

In honor of my team, I'm donning the blue and white.  I pretty much wore this outfit last week.  Minus the shoes, cause mine aren't swanky like that.  

(my team)

4.  Eating

 I can't get enough oatmeal with berries.  Every single day for breakfast.

5.  Working

It was a sunny weekend here so I spent as much of it as possible outside in my yard pruning, weeding, raking, and mowing.  Progress is slow but very rewarding.  I'm hoping to have a reveal of my patio this week.  It's starting to look pretty nice.  I mean, relative to the before:

And moving on the basement.  Family room all mudded, just onto the hallway now.  The left side of this picture shows the framing for my laundry room.  The right side shows the spot that still needs new drywall and will eventually be my built-in storage area.  We certainly could use the storage.  

What'd you get up to this weekend?

xo Meg

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