Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On Blogging... And the House So Far

I'm not sure what has happened around here for the last little while.  I haven't been feeling very inspired to write.  I also haven't been finishing many projects lately.  I really can't say why.  I've certainly been working on lots of projects lately.

   Everything in the new house seems overwhelming to me.  There is so much to do in so many areas that I almost feel paralyzed! I thought I'd make a couple of lists here to help get me moving on some of the little projects.  I started this blog to chronicle the work we were doing on our last home and I'm hoping to get back to that as the focus of what I blog about.  You know, instead of my propensity to attempt to keep up with the blogging Jones'.

Here is an update of the changes we've made to our new house, and the stuff that still needs to get done in each.

before, obviously

Audrey's Room
Prep walls for Paint
Paint walls purple (yuck! but it's her room!)
Install curtain rod
Hem and trim turquoise curtains (pompoms? rickrack?)
Find bedskirt and add trim (pompoms? rickrack?)  OR
Make bedskirt out of striped fabric or co-ordinating fabric
Sew long pillow for her bed
Paint dingy trim
Closet Makeover - paint or wallpaper and organization
Gallery Wall / Art Installation
Find or Make a desk that fits!
Find a desk organization system that works for her  Thank you Ikea Raskog!
Install shelving above desk for books and treasures
Install mirror on back of door
Re-vamp and install chandy I found on the side of the road

perfect for organizing my little girl's odds and ends!

sneak peek of the purple walls and turquoise curtains

Dining Room
Lay out all artwork possible for the space above the sideboard
Choose art and frames from existing
Hang the darn things up!!!
Make and install barn door with slider or pocket door for closet
Re-Organize closet and maximize space in there
Make built-in bench with cushion for under window
Find dining chairs we like that are comfy
Find a fabric for short curtains
Install curtain rod

Master Bedroom
Paint walls and trim
Sew pillows
Edit Closet
Organize closet, under-bed storage
Find a bedskirt
Hang up some art
Hang mirror

   Currently, we are in the ugly phase of basement renovations.  I don't even want to think about the list for this one.  To be honest, I think we expected to have this project completed already.  We are no where near done.  In fact, Jay is taking advantage of his Monday off to complete a little more of the drywall work so that he can tape and mud the rooms.  As soon as that is complete, I can get out the primer.  We are making progress but it's sure slow going.

I'm hoping to share a couple of finished projects that I've been working on while Jay has been busy in the basement. I appreciate it that you're still reading.

 xo Meg

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  1. That's a hefty list my dear, I can understand the overwhelming feeling. Just know that we read because we like you and what you have to say - no pressure. :)