Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Designer Inspiration

     Lately, I've been looking for some inspiration for our new home.  I made up a new home inspiration pinboard on Pinterest if you'd like to see some of what I've come up with.  Since the homes we're looking for are so different from our current home, I'm thinking of freshening up and making a few changes.

   I first came across Jute Interior Design when I was working on Elliott's Room.  I had this image filed away for inspiration:

Here are a few other Jute Home images:  

This is their Studio.  I love the rough beams, lighting, and metal chairs.

Really?  Can I come over for a playdate? 

I love chalkboard paint on a grand scale.  Speaking of scale... those mirrors!  That light!

Beautiful, natural and spare.

   I also recently read a post over at The Yellow Cape Cod that really puts into words the way I feel about decorating with colour.  Sarah writes about this here

    When we were working on Audrey's room, I kept wanting to add brown, natural elements.  I think I wanted the space to feel more sophisticated.  I love this mood board Sarah made for her client:

 Sometime soon, I'm hoping to incorporate more colour into our grey and taupe world.  

xo Meg

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