Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I live my life in wardrobe basics.  I'm happy this way.  

A while ago, I completed Project 333, where you pick thirty-three wardrobe items to mix and match and combine for three months.  You choose items that fit well, are well made and that you feel good in and box up the rest of your stuff.  It was incredibly freeing.  

I used to pull out seventeen outfits and try them all on before going out for and evening, say.  Then I'd leave the house and feel completely uncomfortable in the outfit I'd chosen.  Now, I feel confident in everything I pull out of my closet.  Also, since there are so few clothes, I am able to see everything in there.  

I'm working on putting together my spring 33 at this point.  These are some of the pieces I have in the mix:

One of my goals is to add more colour this time.  I do get bored with wearing brown and grey all the time.  But that is always what I gravitate toward when I'm shopping.

I found a few boards on Pinterest and they are inspiring me with my wardrobe right now.  

Lots of basic neutrals with a pop of colour and cool accessories for interest.  What do you think?

xo Meg

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