Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving On

    It was such a busy weekend around here.  Showings, open houses, and a whole lot of sports.  We had 6 hours of gymnastics, hockey games and practices and soccer tryouts. Turns out the boys on Elliott's hockey team are the city champs!  I'm such a hockey mom.

     In between sporting events, we dragged our children enjoyed some family time together looking for our new home.   I believe we have it narrowed down to two houses.  Both of them have a pool.  One is an above ground and the other is a concrete pool has been filled in with dirt.  I suppose neither scenario is ideal...

The houses we have been looking at look mainly like this:

     They are side splits and back splits.  Some are prettier than others.  All of them need a bunch of work done but that's what we're looking for.  

        None of them have the kind of architecture we are used to.  None of them have foot deep baseboards and leaded glass windows.  But they are all well thought out spaces.  They have nice floor plans and 4 bedrooms, finished basements with good ceiling heights.  They are all certainly enough space for us.

  We are seeing the last one this evening and then we'll make our decision.  I keep reminding myself about how the shell of the house doesn't matter.  How our family is really what makes a place home.  I think I almost have myself convinced.  Through all of it this weekend, I was feeling optimistic, even a little excited about these new spaces.  

I'm preparing myself for moving on. 

xo Meg

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  1. When I lived in Alberta my house looked just like your top photo - it was a 4 level split. I loved the floorplan!