Friday, May 18, 2012

A Beach Cottage Beauty

Today, my home is covered in a thick layer of construction dust.  There's kitchen crap everywhere, since there isn't really anyplace to put anything.  And nobody made their bed this morning.

Ugh.  Instead of showing you the gruesome photos of that, I thought you'd rather check out this beauty:

These photos are by Sarah, of her home in Australia.  She writes the blog A Beach Cottage.  I highly recommend her home tour, since there are lots of really great before and after photos of all the hard work they've done.

There's something about the simplicity and functionality of her spaces that speaks to me.  Everything has a use and a place and her colour story is perfect.  She seems to be able to showcase the beauty in the everyday, mundane items we all live with, like a stack of white dinner plates, or a cup full of silverware.

Also, it sure doesn't look to me like there's a layer of construction dust all over her stuff anymore.  Bonus points for sure.  I'm wondering if it'll ever be clean in here again.

Happy Friday - enjoy your long weekend, Canadian friends!

xo Meg

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