Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Random Few Things

Get ready for the random...
I'm so coveting this wishbone keychain:


I have a pretty serious love for wishbone things, since my favorite Aunt gave me tiny gold wishbone earrings for being the flower girl in her wedding in 1985.  

Also, I am tired of dressing like a frumpy Mom when I'm not in work wear.  I've been feeling a little less than stylish lately so I'm gonna try out a new look.  And maybe get a haircut - I always wait too long between haircuts since I've never coloured my hair.  I like this ensemble for summer:

I'm digging the casual, relaxed vibe for the weekend.

I love a cross-body bag.  It's my go to but I don't have one that looks like this.

I've been stacking up my bracelets lately.
And wearing more jewelry in general.
Love this bracelet.

You can find all the links for these items on my style board.

I told you it was random.

But I'm feeling a little random right now.

We have been working hard around here though.  We spent the entire long weekend outside working on the back garden.  Have any of you ever dealt with 'gout weed'?  Well, lets just say that we dug and pulled, and dug and pulled but I don't think we've won the battle.  The gardens are looking so much better now! I promise to post photos of that soon.

xo Meg

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