Monday, May 14, 2012

Tongue & Groove Kitchen Ceiling

We are in week two of our kitchen renovation now and things are coming along.

It's really messy and dirty in our house.

I think we ate cereal and peanut butter toast for most of our meals this weekend.

My kids have been running wild through the neighborhood.

     But the demo is complete and the ceiling is up. Our kitchen had a drop ceiling.  In fact, the drop stole away nearly 20 inches of height in the kitchen.  I'm not sure why this was done, but Jay is suggesting that it was to accommodate for the electrical that ran through there.  Since our ceilings are really high, it probably didn't matter to the old owners.

We tore out the ceiling on Saturday, which was May 12th, 2012.  Once the drywall came down we discovered this:

It says "Covered May 12, 1971 by Catherine Pachiluk".  Isn't it strange that we tore the ceiling down 41 years to the day she put it up?  In this photo, you can see the 2 x 4 's that the ceiling was attached to. It was really messy to take down.

Then the electrical was re-routed to include two pendants over the peninsula, one over the sink and a central ceiling fixture.  More on our lighting plan in another post.

Here's the progress we made this weekend:

This is Jay, up on the scaffolding, installing the tongue and groove boards.

And here is the ceiling with the beams installed.  Now it just needs painting.  

   I know these aren't the greats photos. I took them on my iphone.  But that's all I can really manage at this point.  I was on clean up duty this morning and things are looking tidier around here.  But there is an insane amount of dust in every nook and cranny of this big ol' house.

    This week you can look forward to the inspiration board I've created for this space and some details about lighting, cabinetry and countertops.  I'll try to squeeze in more time to blog - things have just been pretty hectic around here!

xo Meg


  1. That is a crazy coincidence! Love where you are headed with this reno!

  2. WOW, you must be SO loving gaining those extra inches of height! I love the beadboard on the ceiling. It's looking really really great. And that coincidence is still blowing my mind!

  3. Is it weird that I want to kiss your ceiling?! SOO cool.

  4. I feel for you on this remodel! Construction in the kitchen is a difficult process!! I can't wait to see it finished!!

  5. ooh I love the ceiling! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  6. Wow, Meg! You guys have been busy. I've been a bit out of the loop in blogland. Birthday parties and stomach viruses have been getting in the way, so I just finished reading up on all of your progress. The kitchen is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it comes along. What a funny coincidence that you ripped your ceiling down on the 41st anniversary of its seal up. Your yard looks great, too.

    Doesn't momentum feel good?!

    Have a great day.

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