Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stanley Cup Decor

     For those of you who are newer to my blog, you might not know that I'm a hockey girl.  I love the sport.  My boy plays and I'm a total hockey mom, banging on the glass and cheering.  For that reason, I'm bringin' back last year's Stanley Cup Decor series.  You can go here to check out my post about Vancouver and Boston.

  This year, the Cup finalists are two teams I'm not especially into.  But I can build a room around anything!

We'll start with the New Jersey Devils. Red, black and white for the Eastern Conference Champs.  Red is a bold and classic colour.  I don't typically use red much in my personal decorating.

Elliott's room

Elliott requested a dark red as an accent when we were designing his room so there's a bit in there but I don't think there's red anywhere else in my house.  Once I had a red dining room.  But I tired of it quickly.  Maybe because the walls were red instead of just using it as an accent colour, like in these rooms:

If I was going to a game, and cheering for the devils, I'd probably wear something like this:

If you're interested in my Stanley Cup Decor pinboard, go here to check it out.  

xo Meg


  1. So fun! My husband would love if I decorated a room after his favorite team.

  2. That's the best lookin' Stanley Cup decor I could imagine. :)