Monday, June 25, 2012

Count the Projects

Let's play a little game, shall we?

I'm calling it Count the Projects.  Let's just take a look at the crazy that's going on around this house at the moment.  I'll try to catch you up, although I'm so confused and overwhelmed myself that I may not be the person for this job.  We'll start here:


Still pretty much looks like this, minus the scaffolding.   It's a little tidier too.  And there are no wires hanging all over the place. The electrical is done and the cabinetry is on order.  I have finalized the colour choices for the cabinetry (BM White Dove) and also the layout.

So much still to do:

  1. Finalize kitchen lighting decision.  Just freakin' buy the pendants already!!!
  2. Complete Drywall
  3. Remove lower cabinetry and install fridge
  4. Pick out new Faucet
  5. Choose and install ceramic flooring
  6. Spray and Install shelving
  7. Choose Range Hood (and install)
  8. About 10 billion other things I'm not prepared to list here.


The first coat of the white trim paint has made a huge difference.  I can't wait to show
you the finished work!

You can see the difference the painting has made in this photo. The trim and corbels have
one coat of white on them but the underside hasn't been scraped or painted yet. It sort of
just looks like dirty, gross wood. Fixing it up is my job!

The first coat of the white trim paint has been completed.  Jay is working on the second coat and I'm painting the underside of the porches.  It look so much better, I can't even tell you.  Unfortunately, this project has been very weather dependant.  We can't paint when it's 38 degrees celsius out and we had a crazy hot week last week.  We are making progress though.


We have accomplished so much in the gardens of our home this spring.  We still need to finish the patio area and fire pit.  It's on the list!

Powder Room

What's that you say?  Most people want to wash their hands after they use the powder room?  That can't be true!
We have also ordered the cabinetry to go in our powder room.  So we will eventually have a sink in here.  It will come in with the kitchen cabinets.  I still have to pick out a faucet and install the mirror and accessories in here.  Oh yeah, and also actually install the screen instead of just propping it up at the window.


Even though we had so many projects already on the go, I decided to start another one this weekend.

super gross carpeting before

 dinged up wood after (perhaps even worse?)
I will be sanding, filling and painting these stairs in hopes of producing a prettier after picture for you.

So there you have it, a list of all our crazy projects.  I guess I figure, if the house is a total disaster anyway, we might as well go all out.  I will try to do a better job of keeping you updated this week!

xo Meg


  1. I'm so glad you posted this so that I could get somewhat caught up on what you guys are doing. Been having a hard time trying to stay caught up on blogs as of late! ;)

    Things are looking great though and I loooove how the powder room is coming along. The tile, and that sconce - of course all of the elements remind me a lot of our own bathroom reno! Hoping to try and follow along better! Good luck with the painting!

  2. You have been one busy lady! It will all be so worth it when you are done. I can't wait to see all the finished products!

  3. Good gracious girl! You are on a roll. Everything is looking great though, you can do it!! And thanks for including a pic of your kitchen ceiling, you know how much I love it. :)

  4. Oh my! I don't know where you get your energy but things are looking great! Good luck!