Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Landscape Progress

We have been working so very hard on our outdoor spaces this spring.  You can read about the process here and here.

before (obviously)

Just to refresh your memory, the gardens at this house haven't been touched in many years.  We took possession of the house late last summer, so we couldn't really do much except watch and see what plants came up.  

Then we came up with a plan.

The plan changed a bit.  We have added a patio area to the back fence.  And we are certainly not done.  But here we are now:

We put sod along the garden at the back but we can't mow it for another week.  The dead cedars have been removed but we decided not to replace them since there is plenty of privacy and foliage there.  Instead, we have decided to put a patio and pergola where the dirt is currently.  Eventually, the fire pit area will move back there too.

Not many flowers are blooming yet, and I don't expect much this year since they were all transplants.  But the hostas are doing very well and the hydrangeas also seem happy.  I also planted some lavender because I love the fragrance so much.  I'm hoping that gets big next year too.

Try to ignore the stack of old bricks I piled to the left of the new garden bed. 

Here you can see the big hostas coming around the side, the new curve to the bed,
the flowering lilac and the limelight hydrangeas.

I love that we don't look like hillbillies any more.  And that things are mostly tidy.  One more area to go, the garden bed that borders the house on the driveway side.  I will be transplanting some more hostas there and perhaps some shasta daisy.  I'll keep you posted.

On another note, the electrician came yesterday to work on the electrical for the new kitchen.  It is looking pretty much the same, just with some more wires hanging down now.  But it is ready for light installation, I guess.  This makes me happy since I was getting tired of dishing out late night ice cream bowls in the dark.

Happy Tuesday!

xo Meg


  1. I love your house - so pretty!! And your yard is really looking great. That is such hard work.

  2. Your yard is looking great! Funny, I have a stack of bricks in my front yard too from the retaining wall project.