Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eye Candy... Kitchen Of My Dreams

I have never seen a kitchen anywhere that encapsulates the exact look I love as much as this one.  I stumbled upon it while doing my morning blog reading.  Fran from Green Street posted about the designer, Katherine Hodge of Sage Design.

The things I love include:
pendant lighting
farmhouse sink
old, worn table in the middle of the room for dining
refined but comfy couch for chillin' while somebody is cooking
freestanding hutch
open shelving with simple dishes and crockery
furniture kicks on cabinetry
black french windows
ticking-type slipcover cushions on the chairs.
a little bit french, a little bit industrial restaurant

I could go on.

Instead I'll go work on my own kitchen.

Happy Tuesday!

xo Meg


  1. We share the same dream, because that kitchen is perfection! Perfection!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so in love with this kitchen. I agree it is perfect. It is so chic and comfortable at the same time. My favorite part is the settee along the wall. I am off to read more about the designer.

  3. Oh, wow - I could not agree more! Love tables in the middle of a kitchen - seems so European to me. And the addition of more seating w/ the sofa. This really goes down as one of my all time favs!!!

  4. So dreamy! I like having the dining table in the kitchen, it feels homier!

  5. Wow, wow, wow. I want to move in. Those windows were the first to grab me. What a gorgeous space to spend lots of time in.