Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bedside Help

Like I mentioned, I'm working on our master bedroom (among a few other things).

I'm really struggling with something though, and I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I hung some photographs this weekend and I'm just not sure.

Backtrack.  Look at these bedside vignettes:

See how the artwork is somewhat obscured by the lamps?

I mentioned that I have a few pieces that I'd like to use in our master.  We bought two black and white photographs a few years ago in Ottawa at an art show and we both love them.  And I have the large painting that I gave Jay for our anniversary last year.

This weekend, I attempted to hang the photographs.  I am doing this now, before I repaint the room, so that any extra holes I make can be easily filled and fixed before my pretty white paint goes on.

Note:  large painting will go in the centre of the wall here once it's framed.

I am struggling with the placement of these photos.  I have seen so many beautiful images where a light is covering some of the artwork (as in above).  But somehow it just looks to me like I mis-hung these photographs!  

Is this how it's supposed to look???  Should I raise the photographs and add a couple other things below?  Should I lower the photographs so they sit under the lamp shade?

They look ok from some angles, but completely silly from other angles.

I'm desperate to know what you think.  Please chime in.  

xo Meg


  1. Hmm, they do look *too* obscured. I vote for moving them down. What if you even just leaned them against the wall instead of hanging them?

  2. Oh, I like that idea Casey! Switch the larger and smaller frames: move the larger frames down below the lampshades, and move the smaller pictures next to and centered lengthwise to the lampshades.

  3. I like both ideas already! You could also move the larger prints up just a tick, so that the lampshade covers some of the bottom of the mat, but not the actual art itself. I think based on the vignettes you showed, the two that are really "covered up" (#2 and 3), the scale of the lamp doesn't take away from the art... it's slender and metallic. The two others have bigger shades and seem to only infringe on the matting. Good luck!

  4. I think I would raise them a bit, so you can see more of the photo and more of the mat is obscured. then Maybe try finding a photo that is the same width, but taller, and hang it above. I think it would look great! Best of luck :)

  5. I think either raising them or lowering them will do the trick. If you raise them, you could fill in the space with a few more smaller frames to pull off a tiny version of a gallery wall. Play around with it and show us what you come up with!

  6. Hmm this is a tough one. I think maybe doubling up the pictures to make the whole thing taller would do he trick. Maybe you could put both on one side and find something similar for the other side?

  7. I would raise them a bit so the frame is partially obscured, but not the photo. Just my two cents :)

  8. yeah, I think all the inspiration pics have vertical or square art, so they are not as obscured as your horizontal photos are, know what I mean? I say move them up a bit so you can see more of the photo and just some of the mat is overlapping the lamp shades:) looking good though!!! I also like casey's idea of leaning them:)

  9. I vote with Casey, too :) Set them on the tables and lean against the wall.

  10. I like Lindsay's idea. Double them up, stack them vertically so they "fit" better. And then on the other bedside a collection of art to create a balance.