Monday, July 9, 2012

Slow Progress Update!

We're at the point in the renovation process where I'm certain we'll never complete it.  
It feels a little like we're going to live in squalor for the rest of our lives.  

This week:

Drywall was installed in the kitchen.  Cabinets and doors should be in this coming week.

First coat done on the stairs.
From this angle, it looks pretty good.

This angle is a whole other story.

   The risers on the stairs are in really bad shape.  Our plan was for Jay to install a new board and trim piece onto the riser of each stair. I would then paint this part white.

But here's the problem with that.

   When you look down on the stairs, from the upstairs hallway, they look waaaay too dark.  The hardwood in this house is a very light colour, really just a clear coat on the oak.  So the dark grey stairs look really out of place.

See? This just looks silly!

Here's what we've decided to do to correct this problem.  We will still be painting the stair risers, spindles and trim in BM's White Dove.  But we will be adding this:

A Sisal Runner!  (via)

Doesn't it look pretty with the grey treads?  I think the warm colour of the sisal will really pull the hardwood and grey together.  And it will make the overall look less dark.

What do you think?


  1. The sisal is going to look incredible on the stairs. And before you know it, no more squalor! Keep your head up. I know the demo stage is so awful. I feel your pain! Before you know it though, things are going to start looking pretty again.

  2. I was so happy when I saw the pic of the stairs because I can only imagine how relieved you are to be getting close the the finish line on that. The sisal runner will be perfect! Genius idea to tie the stairs into the rest of the house. You have been hard at work girlfriend!

  3. Yes, go for it! It will be perfect! The sisal runner is on my wish list too.

  4. OH MY! That sisal runner is the perfect solution to lighten everything up! Genius!

  5. Hang in there :( Living in reno dust isn't fun (understatement). I love the inspiration picture for your stairs!! That's going to look amazing!

  6. What kind of paint did you use on your stairs? Is there any texture to it? Is it slippery? We need to paint a set of stairs and I have no idea where to start!

  7. Alicia,
    I've just used BM Trim Paint for my stairs. The stairs have a bit of grip, since they're about 100 years old and not in perfect condition. I've used their floor paint on a set of stairs and didn't find it slippery. I'm not too worried about the slip factor on these stairs since there will be a runner on them too!

  8. Thanks! That's good to know - slippery stairs + kids + pregnant mamma = disaster waiting to happen :-)