Monday, October 17, 2011

Our First Home

I was searching through my image files to show you guys the kitchen in our last home and I ran across some photos I wanted to share.  

We've lived in several homes over the last 8 years.  Some were really ours and others were projects we flipped.  

Our first home was definitely a 'starter home'. It was on the very edge of the neighbourhood we really wanted to live in.  And it was in really bad shape when we bought it - needed some serious love.  In fact, it was filled with grad students and, looking back, I'm not sure how we saw past all the dishes and mess everywhere!

We lived in this teensy bungalow for 6 years.  I still think it is so pretty. We bought it while we were still in university - so our reno budget was non-existent.  We did the home on elbow grease, garage sales and Ikea hacks.  But we loved it so.  It was ours and we were really proud of it.  Of course, we outgrew it quickly.  But it will always have a special place in my heart.  

Entrance and Living Room

Dining Room

We did this tiny kitchen reno near the end of living in the house.  I was sad we hadn't done it sooner.  We essentially finished the kitchen in order to sell the house.  For most of the time we lived there, we used the original 1940's cabinetry and laminate counter-top.  This kitchen was small - but the reno used up every possible bit of space.  

Here are the three bedrooms:

I still love the fabric we used on the curtains and throw pillows in our master bedroom.  In fact, I am currently using those pillows in our living room!

The only tiny bath in the house!

Basement Family Room 


   When I look back on these photos, I'm sentimental, of course.  But what really strikes me is how done everything was.  Especially now, looking around this big, old, disaster of a house.  There is just so much work to do.  Top to bottom, outside and in.  I feel frustrated at the slow pace of things and overwhelmed at the sheer amount of work.  

   I have to remember to be grateful for this house.  For the perfect size of it and the generous yard.  For the location we have always wanted (it's prime in our neighbourhood).  Grateful.  And happy for the things I have, rather than envious of the things I don't have.  That's a hard one for me right now.  

We'll slowly get things done here, just like we have at all our other houses.  The difference is, we're here to stay.  

xo Meg


  1. You will get there, just think of how much fun it is to decorate :)

  2. Ahhh, I love the process of bringing a house together... and clearly you do as well. This is just out starter home and one day I know I'll be looking back on pictures of our home as well and feeling all sentimental.

    We'd like to get into flipping, but first order of business is to get B's permanent residency squared away and then sell this house for some profit. We still have a ways to go haha

  3. What a sweet spot. I love the kitchen transformation that , the tile backsplash really modernized the space. You will get there in your new home too, it just takes time and a lot of patience.

  4. so cute! Brian and I are looking for our starter and I just can't wait!!