Friday, October 14, 2011

The big 8!

     It's little miss Audrey's big 8th Birthday this weekend.  She is such a special girl.   I don't know if I've posted much about her here but, like most Moms, I could ramble about my kid for hours.  

You know we're in the process of working on her bedroom.  And that she definitely has an opinion about the design process, as well as everything else!  She determined her colour scheme, picked her fabrics and has been casing garage sales for vintage frames for a project we're doing (more on that next week).  

She's such a special girl, she gets two birthday parties.  She does competitive gymnastics and has some really close friendships with the girls she trains with.  She's been working out with them since she was just 3 and she's up to 9 hours a week now so she spends a lot of time with them.  So tonight, after gym, we're having a Pancakes & Pyjamas party! 

Then, tomorrow afternoon, all her school friends will be coming over to Peace Out & Party.  We're making tie dye shirts and eating a rainbow cake I found here

Mine looks like this so far:

   I know this post has nothing to do with design but I've been a little preoccupied with getting things around here ready for the party weekend.  I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week! 

    I'll leave you with this image, which is similar to the treatment we're working on for Audrey's new room:

xo Meg


  1. Adorable!! Hope she has a great time celebrating this weekend!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating and that her 8th is special and memorable for her!! :)