Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mudroom Roomspiration!

Most of the homes my hubby renovates are old homes.  You know, the kind with beautiful baseboards and trim and tons of charming character.  There are, however, drawbacks to owning this kind of home.  We simply don't live the same way families lived a hundred years ago.  For one thing, we have way more clothes and shoes and these old homes never have enough storage for them.

In most of the renovations Jay does, a mudroom or laundry room renovation is high on the list for the homeowners.  A nice, organized place where kids and pets can come in and put away their things.
Here are a couple of examples of mudrooms created for our clients:

Jay designed and built the space - with custom cubbies for each family member and pretty bead board panelling to back them.  I love the bench for the little ones to sit on while they put their shoes on.

 There is also this custom shoe shelving unit to house the family's extra footwear.  It is tucked into a little space in the side entryway that would otherwise be wasted.

I am currently only dreaming of having a functional mudroom in our home.  My office has several hooks and I installed a 'launching and landing pad' for my kids backpacks, shoes and sweatshirts.  But the office serves a lot of purposes - it has a storage closet, powder room and desk space - so a full out mud room is out of the question.

I know, a little pathetic looking.  But it really does help keep us organized!

Hopefully someday it will be awash in white painted panelling with dark hooks.  Here are a couple mudrooms I especially covet:

That panelling is to die for and I love the hooks and the built-in armoire.  Of course, we could all only wear jackets in tasteful shades of grey and beige...

    Okay, okay, it might just be the adorable black lab that makes me love this one.  I do like the idea of a doggie bed in the mudroom though.  Our Gilmore comes in at the back wet and muddy a lot.  This would be a good place for him to dry off. 

Here's my dream mud room.  It is huge!  I love the graphic black and white, the benches, wood plank ceiling.... etc. etc...  very cool.

So there you have it!  My mudroom inspiration.  I'm looking forward to tackling this project at our new (very old) home.  I'm linking up to the Roomspiration links again today!  It's over at Elizabeth's (The Mustard Ceiling).  She is lovely and I know you'll enjoy her blog too!

xo Meg

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  1. Wow, first let me say your husband has created some amazing mudroom spaces. I wish it was high on my husband's list to build one for our home :). I agree old house never have enough storage, but I will take them any day of the week over a new one.

    Then, I have to say the inspirations you found are incredible! I thought the first photo was perfect until I saw the last one and all I have to say about that is WOWZERS!

    Thanks for linking up yesterday.