Thursday, October 27, 2011

Designer Crush: Massuco Warner Miller

I first discovered Massucco Warner Miller when I searched the source of this photo:

I'm sure you've all seen it, since it's typically all over blogland and is the inspiration for many little girl's rooms.  I love this room - it's fresh and classic, graphic and colourful.  But it's not over the top.  It strikes a perfect balance.

There are so many beautiful spaces on the MSW site.  They are all so well decorated. But what is it that I love so much about them that keeps me coming back?   I'm always trying to pin down my own decorating taste and define my style.  

I think some of it lies in the details.  There is no design element left undone. 

I'm not sure this room really reflects my style but I love the repetition: pairs of mirrors, lamps, consoles, stools, chairs...etc.  The symmetry is really remarkable.  The fabrics are also stunning.  

Maybe for this one, it's the simplicity that gets me.  Or the pairing of rust and aqua, which is always a favourite of mine.

This is just a dream girls bedroom.  I love the lines of those sculptural side tables and the unexpected pop of mustardy yellow.  It keeps it from being too saccharine.  Also, the white painted stone is killer.

In all these spaces, the firm has used really fine fabrics.  I'm interested to see if I can create a 'look for less' version of this homework room for my own office.

Here's a more formal dining space with unbelievable wallpaper and chocolate ruffle curtains.  
 Just so good.  

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the MSW portfolio.  You should really go to their site and check out all the homes featured.  They are pretty remarkable.  

xo Meg

Note:  All photos via Massucco Warner Miller.   

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