Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Monday!

   I have no idea why I'm so cheery this morning.  Perhaps it has something to do with the amazing fragrance the 10 foot spruce in my living room is giving off as I walk down the stairs.  Yep, we finally got our tree this weekend.  I will post some photos soon.

   Sadly, we did not get to decorating the tree on Sunday night as we had planned.  My little one has come down with a bug and we couldn't get her fever down last night, despite loading her up with meds.  She is sick, sick, sick.  That means she's home with me today and we get to stay in our pjs and watch movies.  Sometimes it's nice to get a chance to take care of her.  She's usually so fiercely independent!

I did link up my mantle today over at a la mode for the Holiday Home Highlights Tour.  You can find my mantle design here, if you want to take another look.

xo Meg


  1. Awww - hope your little one is feeling better soon. Try to enjoy your PJ day together, even if she's not feeling her best! xo

  2. Aww, hope she feels better soon!! This note about Santa made me giggle - make her giggle, too. She'll feel better ;)

  3. Boo hoo about your daughter being sick :( at least she will be better by Christmas!