Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moving Forward

With Christmas Day officially behind us, I am doing my second favourite holiday decorating activity today.  I know some of you are going to think I'm nuts but bear with me.

 Today, I took down all out Christmas decorations.

Every. Last. One.

I organized them all into their tidy bins and tucked them away into the basement storage cupboard.  I took the gigantic tree down and threw it onto our front porch (that's Jay's part of the job).  I cleaned up a ridiculous amount of Fraser Fir needles and vacuumed and dusted the whole living room.

I almost love this part as much as I love putting up the decorations in the first place!

I like our home to be tidy with minimal clutter around.  I find all the Christmas stuff to be overwhelming to my eyes and almost stressful to look at after a while.  Overstimulation maybe?  Either way, the house looks so clean and spare now that everything is put away.  I love it.

You know what I also love?  Jay is upstairs right now sanding down the mud coat on Audrey's room so I can prime that bad boy tonight.  Woooohooo!  I'm so excited about working on her room some more.  We are taking a little time off this week to do some projects around our own home (as opposed to other people's homes like usual).

(Bird's Egg, BM 2051-60)

I finally decided on the aqua colour I wanted to use in there.  It took me a bunch of paint samples but we are going with BM Bird's Egg.  Here are a couple of shots of the colour in other rooms:



I have to get back to painting now.  I can't leave Jay in there by himself forever.

Just so you know, I've really been missing my blog life lately.  We have been working against a really tight project deadline and things got a little hairy around here.  But I have lots of exciting plans for this blog over the next couple of months, including a fun guest series and some exciting reveals of rooms around this house.

xo Meg

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