Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have You Seen This Home?

I know my posting has been a little light lately.  What can I say? Prepping for Christmas and the holidays has me spinning.  Top that off with an extremely busy work schedule right now, and I'm nearly insane.  It's unfortunate that it's always the 'me' things that I end up neglecting when our schedule is busy - you know, like exercising or my blog.  Things that make me feel better...

Anyway, I ran across this home and I thought I'd share it with you.  Perhaps you've seen in, given all the Jenna Lyons hype there is in the fashion blog world.  It's her charming, quirky and effortlessly stylish Brooklyn townhouse.  Prepare to drool.

The architectural details in this home are unbelievable. 

I  really like the random little patio stone pattern in the garden.

I can't imagine anything needs to be said about this moody bathroom.  Clawfoot tub with black painted outside.  Wide plank chevron hardwood.  

I know this home isn't really my style.  I would never pretend to be a chic as Jenna.  But it's killer.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

(all photos via Southeby's Realty )

xo Meg

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  1. I love that chandelier in the dining room and living room!! Beautiful home! Hope you have a great Christmas!