Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm packing heat...

    Oh packing and moving... you would think I love you more than anything considering how many times we've moved over the last 5 years.  Four times.  But I really don't.

     I guess I do like to clear out a room completely and purge all the junk we don't need or use anymore.  I love to find new homes for those things.  I like the fresh start organizing and setting up in a new home gives me.  Here are a couple organizational images that are inspiring me right now.  I hope to work them into the new house.

You've probably all seen this shot of Emersonmade's pantry.  I love all the glass jar storage and the way it makes the most basic of kitchen staples look pretty.  I also like how you can immediately see when you need to replace something.  

This little cleaning closet is organized to the nines.  I love how everything you need to clean house has a spot in this tiny space.  When you live in an older home, there isn't usually much storage devoted to things like this.  I really hope to put in a tripped out cleaning cupboard like this one.  

For now, if you're looking for me, I'll be packing boxes!

xo Meg

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