Friday, June 10, 2011

Speaking of kitchens...

Have you ever noticed that almost all the kitchens you see on Pinterest and often even blogs are really big? And really perfect.

 Perfectly styled, huge, expensive kitchens.


Kitchens with an breakfast nook or casual dining room, an island and a workspace.  

  The kitchen above is perhaps my most favourite kitchen.  I love the medium toned wood floors, carerra topped island, globe pendants, Dash & Albert rug... pretty much everything. It is clean without feeling cold and simple without feeling too modern. I would like to style my new kitchen after this one.

However, I'll have to create the look for less.  No way we can afford the stainless apron-front sink ($2500ish) or the SubZero fridge (I don't even want to guess the price), or the range (which costs about the same as a used Toyota).

One way we could cut costs would be to have the marble cut for the island but use inexpensive Ikea butcher block for the rest of the counters.  Honestly, we used that butcher block for the flip kitchen and it is really nice looking (see below).

Here's a few of the products that could help us get the look of my favourite kitchen for less.  
A double bowl Domsjo $312.98 at Ikea.

West Elm Globe Light:  $99 - $279

The truth is... many people work within a really tight budget when designing their home. It can be limiting but it can also free you up to take chances.  In many ways, I'd rather see homes like this.  I think when you're forced to be frugal in your decorating, you find interesting and creative options that you wouldn't necessarily even know about if budget wasn't an issue.

Also, old homes come with teeny tiny closets, bathrooms and kitchens.  When I'm looking at kitchens online or in magazines, I'm always really excited to see a small kitchen that still feels open and airy or that incorporates really functional design.

I love the character these little kitchens have! And all the small details that go into them to make them special - like a beautiful painted floor.  They are family friendly and accessible.  I think that might even be what draws me to them in the first place.

xo Meg

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