Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, now that the Stanley Cup finals are over, the television at my house can officially go off for the summer.  Sometimes I think that if it weren't for Hockey Night in Canada, we wouldn't even have cable...

In honour of Boston's Big Win last night, I thought I'd post a couple yellow and black images.

And, perhaps if I were a Bruins fan, I would wear this outfit to the game.

pretty cute, right?

However, I'm not a Bruins fan.  I was hoping the Canucks would pull it out last night, although it was obvious right from the start that they didn't have the gumption.

So, in honour of the Vancouver Canucks:

Love that fresh green and royal blue together!

I'd sport this cute ensemble to cheer on the Canucks:

Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot of cheering going on at our casa last night.  I guess we can hang tight and hope the Leafs make the playoffs next year...

xo Meg

*all images via my pinterest

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