Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm so excited! I've won a giveaway over at A Life's Design!!!  I won these amazing typography prints from Coulsen Macleod:

     I love them - I am planning to use them in the family room at our new house.  If you don't know about Coulsen Macleod, you should have a look here.  They also have a Facebook page.

   So, now I'm really giving some thought to the family room at the new house.  It's a longish narrow room on the lower level.  The space will mainly be used by our kids for playing Wii and Playstation, and hanging out with friends.  I do have some pieces that will be re-used in that room.

   We have the Rowe Martin Sofa.  It pretty much looks exactly like the one below, minus the pillows. (I know, it's really beige...) It's actually a queen size pull-out which is good because this room will also occasionally function as a guest room.  There is also a leather storage ottoman, a set of nesting parson's tables (which I am thinking of painting) and two dark denim beanbag chairs.

Here are some inspiration rooms:

I love the beachy feel of this room - the casual stripes and check fabric, and the star light fixture.

I love, love, love the look of a long lumbar pillow on a tailored sofa.  

The above room has so many comfortable, casual elements.  I love the graphic drapes and the mix of fabrics.  I also like the gallery wall display.  Even the colour scheme is similar to the one I plan to use.  I love the mix of royal blue with orange.  

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fabrics to use in the family room.  Hopefully I can recreate the relaxed feel of these rooms.  I'll keep you posted when I have an inspiration board to show you.

xo Meg

***Please note:  the above images are from my files.  Before I started this blog, I didn't save the source information for my inspirational images.  If they belong to you, or you know the source, please email me and I will update the page.  I certainly want to give proper credit for these beautiful photos. 

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