Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little bit about Truline

  So, I've told you all that my husband is a carpenter.   We own a renovation company called Truline Construction, in London, Ontario.  We've been in business for the past 7 years and we work really hard at what we do.  I thought I'd share a couple of photos of some projects we've worked on in the past.  These are some award winning kitchens:



 I love both these kitchens.  The creamy cabinetry and beautiful granite.  I don't hope to ever have a kitchen either that large or that fabulous.  Maybe you read my post about our interim kitchen.  We are moving into an old house and there would be no way to create a space like these without making changes to the structure of the home.  And I don't want to make changes to the footprint.  Cause it's awesome.

I do plan to use some of the ideas and inspiration from a few of the kitchens Jay has done when we finally get to do our own kitchen.

But for now, I'll be content with the kitchen I have for the interim and my kitchen dreams for the future.

xo Meg

P.S.  I'm planning to sneak a few process shots of a cool three season Muskoka room he's building sometime this week.

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  1. These kitchens are breathtaking! Good luck making your new kitchen as fabulous.