Saturday, September 10, 2011

Backpack & Organizational Zone

   I think I already mentioned that I was inspired by Angie's 'launching & landing pad', right?  Well, Jay is working this weekend and I'm puttering around the house.  I love to putter.  Wanna hear all the things I've gotten done?

1.  Mowed lawn, raked leaves and did assorted yard work.
2.  Two loads of laundry hanging on the line (that's all that will fit)
3.  Made my own launching and landing pad!!!!

  I love my little rear entrance office.  It's a small room just off the kitchen that contains our mudroom, powder room, broom closet and my desk for now.  I actually love having my workspace right off the kitchen.

   Someday soon, I envision this room with crisp white painted trim and wainscotting.  Right now, it has orangey stained pine tongue and groove panelling.  I can't wait to get my paintbrush out to do this job. Also, the bathroom needs a gut job, I need curtains or a shade for the window, etc, etc, etc.  Lots to do.

   Unfortunately, it will all have to wait until I finish Audrey's room, since we're only tackling one area at a time.

    But today, while I was puttering, I installed a bulletin board and hooks to create my own launching and landing pad!

     Voila! I know this doesn't really look like an 'after' shot.  That's because the trim and walls aren't painted, the floor is in rough shape and the light switch doesn't have a cover.  Just try to focus on the fact that now I have somewhere for the kids to hang up their backpacks and post all their school memos and schedules.

Baby steps, ladies.  Baby steps.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

xo Meg

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