Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Year In Review

2012 was a big year around here. While I was putting together my recap, I came across my posts from last year at this time.

   I don't know if you remember this post.

It is about the accident that changed things in our life.  The day the transport truck sideswiped our car on the highway, leaving us all miraculously unharmed. 

I was terrified by this accident.  Even though I am aware that the outcome could have been so much worse. Even though I am aware of just how lucky we were. The accident sparked us to make several big changes in our life.  The changes included renovating and selling our home, moving everything into storage and searching for a new, smaller home for our family.

Here is a quick look at the renovations:


We worked really hard on these projects and I think that helped us to work through all the change and upheaval.  I feel so optimistic about 2013.  These accomplishments and the changes we've made in our life have all been so great.  I feel like we're finally on the right track.  But there are still more changes to come for us.

 In just a couple of weeks, we move into our new home and begin to renovate it.  I can't wait to get to work in there.  To carve out spaces that fit the way we live our lives and to make the space our own.  I have so much to share with you! 

xo Meg


  1. You had a busy year! Everything turned out beautifully! Good luck with your move. I'm excited to see your new home!

  2. YAY! I just finished writing up my recap for 2012 as well... it's long hahaha, but 2012 was such an incredible year for our family. I couldn't let it end without a proper look back on everything! You guys had a busy year and it sounds like 2013 will be fantastic! I can't wait to follow along with everything! Happy New Year!!! :) xo

  3. Wow Meg, what a way to start 2012! I am so happy that you found the silver lining and have made decisions and changes that will make you happy in the years to come. Judging by what you accomplished in your last home, I have no doubt that you will make your new house into a "you house" (ie a home) in no time and I for one am excited to follow along. May 2013 be a year of silver linings and good things for you and your family!

  4. Fabulous before and afters! You worked so hard last year!! Good luck with the changes in 2013.