Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fab Fabric Fail

So, when we last spoke about Audrey's room, I had the Kiki fabric by Robert Allen on order.  I really liked the way this fabric looked in the room Danielle Oakey designed for her daughter, Emory.

See the aqua colour in the headboard fabric?  See how the pink flowers are... well... pink?  The fabric appears to have all the colours I was planning to use for Audrey's room too.  I was really excited.

Then it arrived:

iphone picture, colours vary

The iphone picture doesn't really show the true life colour. It's really more cinnamon/brown/rust than I thought.  And the blue is more blue than aqua.  I still like the fabric.  But Audrey does not.  She tried to pretend that she did, so I wouldn't feel bad, but she doesn't.

Lesson learned:  order the swatch.  

I will say, mixing patterns and colours is really tough for me.  I think that's actually why I'm so very colour shy.  How can this fabric look so perfect in the space that Danielle designed and be so totally wrong for the design I had planned?

Just for reference, I'll show you the plan again:

Maybe I just don't know how to mix colours and patterns?  Maybe the colours don't have to match exactly?  It looks like it all goes together on the design board but it doesn't look that way in real life to me. I just don't know.   

So, I'm not quite sure where I'm going from here.  I know I want Audrey to love her room, and she doesn't really love the fabric.  Fortunately, I only ordered a yard so I'm not out tons of money on the mistake.  

If you want to see the inspiration for her room, you can check out my pinboard.  I'm looking at a few other fabrics now.

I couldn't possibly go wrong with the Schumacher, right?
I'm not sure it's in the budget though.

Considerably less expensive than the Schumacher at $21

Good colours to pull from in the Braemore one, I think.  

Please weigh in.  What do you think about the fabric choices?  Does anyone else have anxiety over fabric ordering???

xo Meg


  1. Love your design plan - what a bummer about the fabric! It's always a risk - thankfully it was only a yard. I'm sure you'll find another use for it - tote bag? napkins?

    I am a bad influence, but would say splurge on the Schumacher. I just used 1 yard of it for valances in our playroom and it is SO beautiful in person - and the colors are perfect for your space. Also much more sophisticated than the other butterfly option - will grow with her. I was torn between this one and the Schumacher elephant parade... that would also work.

    Love reading your updates - congrats on the new house and good luck settling in!

  2. That's so strange about the fabric, from the inspirational pick I would have totally read it as pink myself. Only only 2 cents re: mood boards is that I've always had problems doing them as things always seem to be way different when I get them into my home (lighting, scale etc) I always get samples because I'm obsessive compulsive that way and terrified of mistakes. I'd be an awful decorator. It will come together! xo

  3. I think your mood board looks great, I love all the patterns you have going on. I'm always nervous about ordering fabric online because, as you experienced, you never know what the colors really are until you see it in person. I always order samples first. I love the last floral fabric. The colors are so pretty! Good luck with her room, I'm sure it will all come together beautifully!

  4. Ugh, so sorry that fabric didn't work out, but I totally know what you mean. I've seen it in person and didn't love the rusty red tone either! Yes, you just have to order the swatch, or many. You clearly are on the right track with mixing patterns--it's just hard to do online and not with the fabrics right in front of you! I do LOVE that last fabric though, and should be affordable too, right?

  5. I love the Braemore fabric. You still get the floral but hopefully, with the correct colors.

  6. It is very hard to judge colors online which is why I'm so thankful for samples. I've learned many times that the real life sample is not what it appears to be online (there is some exact color adjustment that I remember my instruction telling us about in one of our classes - but every computer screen is different and reads color differently). Plus this fabric might work when thinking of it by itself but once you've placed it with your other inspiration items for your daughter's room it might just not feel or look right. You're on the right track.