Friday, January 25, 2013

Organizing the Entry

 One of the things I'm working on this weekend at the new house is organization.

Right now, we are still shuffling boxes, emptying boxes, breaking down boxes and sobbing because there are still so many boxes.  I'm finding that many of these boxes are full of things that simply don't fit into this ranch house.

The first organizational project that I'm working on is the entrance to the home.  The current layout of the house doesn't really have a designated foyer.  The front door opens right into the living room and the entry closet was actually removed by the previous owner.  This leaves us with a 24 inch hall closet to house enough outerwear to get a family of 4 through a Canadian winter. 

We need a 'for now' solution to this problem.  I have stolen the closet space from the small office you can see through the french doors in the entry.  It is also a small closet but it does fit all our extra jackets and outerwear.  And I'm planning to work with the teeny 24 inch closet this weekend.

Over the door hooks
I will be outfitting the inside with a rod (not sure why there's not one there already?) and some hooks, etc. to help corral our everyday coats and bags.  I also plan on using an extra expedit bookshelf we have to create an entry organization system or 'landing zone' to corral all our stuff.  

Here's a little inspiration:


Stay tuned!

xo Meg


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  2. Enjoy settling in to your new home! Have fun making it yours, congrats!

  3. I'm so happy for you Meg. I think your entry idea is a great one. We also don't have a foyer but have created a little area and feeling of one. It will be fun to watch you create this home and it will be freeing for you when you start getting rid of all the extra stuff. I think the thing about downsizing is that you can pare down to just the stuff you really love.