Friday, January 4, 2013

Bring it, 2013

    Like every other blogger, I thought I'd share with you my goals and dreams for 2013.  I've even found a mantra for this year.  Yesterday, I reflected on all the changes that happened in our life in 2012, and I'll admit, it made me a little sad.

   I'm not sure why:  maybe it's because I was looking back at pictures of our old home.  The one that I loved so very much.  Or maybe it's because change can be so scary.  I feel like I'm really out on a limb right now.  Moving house, making new friends in our new neighborhood, making some career advancements, etc.  These are all risks for me. And I'm afraid of failing, just like anyone.  Sometimes I just like to 'turtle', as we like to call it around here.  (please picture a turtle pulling it's head back into it's shell here). That's part of what I'm trying to work on.  But it's pretty tough for me sometimes.

   As far as goals and dreams go, I have some personal goals, blogging goals, parenting goals and home goals.  I'll start with something easy:

Home Goals

Our new house needs tons of work.  This means lots of photos and before/after posts.  I'm looking forward to being creative and designing the space in a whole new direction.  These are the things we know about at this point:

Basement Reno:  this includes a new bedroom and bath for Elliott, as well as a family room and laundry room.  This is the very first thing we'll be working on once we take possession because the third bedroom on the main floor is pretty small for Elliott ( like 8'x9').  It will function as our home office once we move Elliott downstairs.  We desperately need a home office too.

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not my house, sherry's via BHG
Exterior Repairs & Reno: our ranch has some foundation issues.  It needs a crack repair, parging and some of the bricks around the garage need re-pointing.  This work isn't glamorous but it is necessary. We also have some pretty big curb appeal plans.

Kitchen Overhaul:  I will go into more detail about this once I have photos to show you.  The kitchen was badly renovated 5 years ago.  We will be re-using some of the existing cabinetry but moving it around and replacing the doors.  We will also be putting a wall back in, changing out lighting, etc.  More details to follow on this one.

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my ranch home inspiration pinboard
Dining Room Nook:  I think I have mentioned how much I love a banquette for dining.  We are finally going to build and install one at this house.  We kind of have to, since the dining room is so small.

I'll have a better grasp on these goals once we actually have keys.  I'm looking forward to showing you some pictures of our new space.

Blogging Goals

I would like to work on a post schedule for the blog, and also do an aesthetic overhaul this year.  I would also like to improve the quality of the photographs I post here.   Blogging is like a journal to me and I have been surprised by how much I've enjoyed connecting with other bloggers,  Again, I tend to turtle in social situations where I really have to put myself out there. But I want to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit.

Personal Goals

As original as this one is, I'd like to work on having better eating habits, exercising and shedding a few pounds.  What?  You've heard of this New Year's resolution before???

My plan is to complete tabata workouts at home 3 times weekly and go for a run three times weekly.  The food thing is tough for me, as I truly love food.  I am aiming for fewer calories and better nutritional value.

There you have it.  I try not to put too much pressure on myself with things like resolutions.  But writing them down does make me feel a little more accountable.

Happy 2013 to you!
xo Meg

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