Friday, September 16, 2011

Art Inspiration

   One of the projects I plan to tackle this weekend is the installation of the artwork in our new house.  Right now, shamefully, most of the art looks like this:

     Stacked behind doors, wrapped up and hidden behind the couch, etc.  We did just move but I've been thinking about why I'm so reluctant to put up the artwork and photographs we have.  It's not that difficult to do and we have the supplies handy (drill, hammer, level).  I guess maybe it's two things.

      First, I'm totally afraid of making a mistake.  I can go into a friend's house and create an impromptu gallery wall with their art, or decide where to hang the new mirror they just got.  No problem.  But with my own stuff, I'm far less confident with my 'artistic eye'.  Don't know why that is.

    Second, we don't have the art I really want.  I really want a huge canvas with subtle, moody colour to go over my couch in the living room.  But we don't really have the budget for that right now.  We have a lot of cool smaller pieces, though.  And this weekend I plan to get 'em out from behind the couch and hang 'em up!

     I also plan to create a piece of artwork of my own.  I've been dabbling in this creative pursuit a bit over the last year but I am far from an artist.  Usually I look at an inspirational image of a painting I love and try to make something in the same style or feel.  I'm not sure if that's called copying or not...

      I prefer to call it inspiring.  Here's a hint at what is inspiring me:

     I have a friend who is a wonderful artist and he helped me to make my first ever piece.  I will show that to you on Monday.  I'll also show you what I make this weekend, assuming it doesn't turn out horribly!

I will conquer my fear of hanging the artwork!  THIS weekend!  I sure hope you guys hold me to it.

Have a great weekend and thanks for following along on my crazy old house journey!

xo Meg


  1. I am sure that you will do a very fine job of hanging your artwork! I remember when we first moved to Alberta 6 years ago, I hung up artwork right away, but now almost everything is changed around!! But getting artwork up is the first step to making things feel like home! Angie xo

  2. Best of luck! DIY are is my nemesis! I always think that it's going to be easy and it NEVER is! Glad to have found you.. thanks for the message:)