Monday, September 19, 2011

Living Room Art

What a lovely weekend we had here in London.  Sunny and crisp, perfect fall weather.  Unfortunately, Jay worked most of the weekend again but we did manage to have some friends over on Saturday night.  We also went to a Native Harvest Festival and PowWow on Sunday.  It was beautiful and I'll share more about that later in the week.

I bet you're wondering about my art installations!  I managed to put up the artwork in the living and dining rooms at least.   I didn't chicken out.  I put holes in the plaster.

Here is the piece we got on a trip to Cuba in 2005.  And my mantel, looking decidedly un-fall-ish.  But I'll get to that sometime soon.  

     I also re-arranged the room.  If you recall from this post, the couch used to be where the series of three paintings is. I think I like it better this way for now.  We've been enjoying our wood -burning fireplace a whole lot this fall and this set up allows better views of the fireplace.  In the past, we've only had gas fireplaces.  I always thought I wouldn't like the wood burning type since they are messier and smokier but I really love it.  

I still think the room needs more personality but I'm starting to really feel at home in here.  Maybe it's the fire.  Alice the kitty sure is enjoying it too.

I have so many things to share with you this week.  I'd love some feedback on the new living room!

xo Meg


  1. Hey Meg,
    Have you seen the 3M command picture hanger things. If you used them you wouldn't have to put any holes in the plaster and you could move things when your tastes change.

  2. Thank's Amy, I should give those a try!

  3. Your room looks great! Love the art and the furniture arrangement :)

  4. I like this furniture layout!

    I am always nervous to pound holes into the plaster! There are some massive craters in the wall where I have changed my mind on things...