Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scarf Addiction

I might as well face it.  I'm completely and totally addicted to scarves.  

I wear a lot of neutral colours.  Grey, navy, oatmeal, more grey, jeans, more jeans.  In fact, most days I dress like this:

(well, maybe not quite as cool as that, but you get the idea)

(love the way this on is belted)

(stripes and super-softness)

I love the way a scarf adds texture or colour to an outfit and can really bring it to life.  (you might note that all the scarves I choose also appear to be neutral - I'm such a bore).

( I am attempting to knit a lacy one this fall)

A scarf is so perfect for the weather in September.  It's that cozy extra layer.  

I'm having coffee with the girls on the patio at my neighbourhood coffee shop today.  I'm walking down in a few minutes.  Jeans and a scarf.  Ahhhhh... fall. 

xo Meg

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